The Very Definition Of A First World Problem

Well, it could be worse.

First a little bit of background.

fridge saga 01November of 2014 while our house was being remodeled Laura and I decided we would not buy each other Christmas presents, but would instead buy ourselves a new refrigerator. And what a glorious refrigerator it is. A GE Cafe higher end model that may not be the most expensive refrigerator, but at a couple thousand bucks sure feels like it.

When the new refrigerator is being delivered we decided to keep the old one. It took some convincing for Laura to see the wisdom of this, but when she realized we would have multiple teenagers in the house in the near future, having a place to store just milk was enough to make the point. Our old refrigerator was moved downstairs to the garage.

Yesterday morning I wake up and find our new refrigerator not as cold as it should be. As a matter of fact it isn’t that cold at all. The freezer isn’t freezing as well.

Looking online we find there may have been a power surge and the refrigerator needs to be “reset” so I pull it out, unplug it, wait a minute, then plug it back in. While the mechanism are working, the lights are on, the display works, whatever is controlling the actual refrigeration units just isn’t doing its job.

We contact GE service who says they can have a person out the following afternoon.

That won’t be enough. I start calling other repair services, trying to get somebody out the same day. Finally I got hold of somebody who could come out that afternoon. In the meantime I went to Fred Meyer and picked up some dry ice.

When the repairman arrived he took a look at the insides of the back of the refrigerator and said it would cost $500 and the part needed to be ordered directly from GE and would take two weeks to arrive.

He left thankfully without charging us.

While waiting for the next day to arrive which would bring with it the GE repair person, it was time to take stock of the refrigerator in the garage.

fridge saga 02I had earlier taken our cooler, the one we use for road trips, and placed the milk in that. It not only has a car adapter, but also one that will allow it to plug into a regular wall socket. There was still a lot of stuff in the fridge and freezer than would need to be taken care of, especially if it was going to be a couple of weeks before the refrigerator would be repaired.

Opening the “spare” refrigerator in the garage I was greeted with…. well, it was horrifying.

Not only had it not been plugged in for a year and a half, there was enough gunk and mold in there to…. oh, the less I describe it the better. I spent the better part of the afternoon cleaning it out and plugging it in. Thankfully it still works, but all fo the shelves also need to be washed, which took a few rounds in the dishwasher.

Then we found my old mini-fridge. I had completely forgotten about this item, something I had picked up when I was in the Army back in the late 80s. Why did I still have it? And did it still work? Turns out, yes, it does still work.

fridge saga 03So here I sit, waiting for the GE repair person, with a new-ish refrigerator that seems to work in every way except keep things cold. It is currently 30-some hours since I first discovered our refrigerator wasn’t working properly. I have a bunch of stuff in the refrigerator/freezer in the garage. in the kitchen I have the mini-fridge, plug-in cooler and another cooler full of stuff.

Just waiting.

Oh look, here he is.

He plugged in his laptop to the fridge for diagnosis.

That was kind of cool.

An hour or so and a lot of money later our refrigerator is working.

For the amount of money it cost we could have purchased two or three used refrigerators off of Craigslist.

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Fort Casey Opens Up

Seattle Pacific University’s Camp Casey Conference Center is opening to the public June 17 from 12 – 4 when historians will lead guided tours of what was once Washington’s fourth largest military base. While much of Whidbey Island’s Fort Casey is still open to the public as a state park, including the decommissioned gun batteries, there is a large chunk purchased decades ago by Seattle Pacific University and is currently used by the university for retreats and special groups.

I have been to Fort Casey State Park several times, but have never been to the SPU owned Camp Casey section except to drive through briefly. This looks like a great opportunity to check out some history. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend. This is an annual event so hopefully with longer hours at a future time I’ll be able to attend.

Here is the bulk of the press release with more details.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Ever wanted to explore what once was Washington’s fourth largest military post? The public is invited to see inside many of the buildings at Seattle Pacific University’s Camp Casey Conference Center on Friday, June 17, 12-4 p.m. Visitors will get a rare chance to have historians lead them on guided tours of the Colonel’s House and enjoy a talk by an SPU history professor on the origin of seacoast forts. The house is primarily utilized for retreat space for SPU leadership and for special groups.

Tours of the Colonel’s House will begin at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Also included are tours of the various barracks and mess hall. Guests can get a glimpse of the Sea Lab with Camp Casey naturalists. There will also be free admission to the outdoor pool as well as complimentary snacks.

SPU Professor of History Bill Woodward will give a lecture titled “Fort Casey: Doing Homeland Defense the Old-Fashioned Way,” at 2 p.m. in Auditorium A.

Tours of Fort Casey State Park and the Admiralty Head Lighthouse, adjacent to Camp Casey and owned by Washington State Parks, are scheduled at 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

Camp Casey, formerly known as “Fort Casey,” opened in 1890 by the U.S. military. Fort Casey along with Fort Worden and Fort Flagler became part of what was known as the “triangle of fire,” created to protect the entrance of Puget Sound. Over the course of 20 years, Fort Casey became the fourth largest military post in Washington State until its decommissioning in the 1950s. SPU purchased the property in 1956 and hosts various churches, nonprofit organizations, schools, and outdoor education classes.

For more information, visit

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2016 Camporee

August and I had attended the Aurora District Boy Scout Camporee the previous two years as a WEBELO, and now that he has crossed over into Boy Scouts we were both looking forward to how this new status would affect our experience.

The Boy Scout troop August joined was fed into directly from the Cub Scout pack August was a member of. He knew the scoutmaster and many of the members of the troop pretty well, and they knew him. Going into this year’s Camporee August wasn’t shy about volunteering to help out. This particular troop helps to run Camporee, and since he was on the receiving end of the that assistance the previous two years, he really wanted to do his part to help out.

Since we have the big van, and this was something we knew would happen when we bought it, I was personnel transport. I left with a pretty full van and despite traffic we made pretty good time. We arrived, set up our tent and hung out a little bit.

2016 camporee 02

The weather was decent, but something didn’t feel right. Turns out the boys in the troop don’t actually help with the kitchen. While the boys in August’s troop helped run the Camporee, the feeding of all the staff actually fell on the adults of the troop. There was only one adult manning the kitchen and it was his first time. Thankfully a couple of other vehicles had preceded us so the kitchen was already set up.

I jumped in to help feed the staff of Camporee that Friday night. Including the boys in August’s troop all told there was about 40-45 people on the staff of Camporee. That is a lot of cooking. And a lot of clean up.

To say it took a while before the two of us were done would be an understatement.

Finally getting to bed I was woken about 1 or so in the morning by a light rain. And then an ever increasing intensity of a downpour. Finally about 4 in the morning is when I discovered the tent wasn’t as waterproof as it was supposed to be. Thankfully it wasn’t a full leak, simply some water coming in through a seam. Perhaps it could be considered heavy condensation. Whatever you want to call it, it was inconvenient, but it also could have been a heck of a lot worse.

After some more fitful sleep it was somewhere between 5:30 and 6 when I got up. I took care of my personal business (a bite to eat courtesy of a Pop Tart, pouring myself a cup of coffee, etc.) I then began help get breakfast for the Camporee staff together.

Between prep work, serving then cleaning up three meals I had about 30 minutes to myself all total on Saturday. There was no downtime for me. August, however, had a bit more free time and hung out with his Boy Scout peers when he wasn’t helping run Camporee or teaching things to the younger WEBELO scouts.

2016 camporee 03

Helping teach a WEBELO how to build a fire

While it was fun, August had been looking forward to doing some of the things we had done in years past, such as BB guns or knife throwing. I was looking forward to those activities as well. Instead August spent most of the day working and helping, keeping busy, and having a good time doing it.

Saturday was a very long day, and I didn’t get to bed until almost 11. Thankfully the rain had stopped about mid-morning.

2016 camporee 04

Helping to gather some firewood

Sunday I was the first one awake at 5:30, so I started the water for coffee or whatever else people might need. Then a couple of hours later after breakfast had been served it was time to start breaking down camp. It was almost 11 in the morning when things had gotten to the point where I was about ready to go. And I was ready.

Next year it will be different, as Ciaran will be getting ready to attend Webeloree so I’ll be back on the other side of things. But like last year (and this) I’m sure I’ll have a van full of Boy Scouts on the trip.


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Music Monday: The Who (Part 3)

The second time I saw The Who it was 2008 during the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo. Harmonix had found success with the core Rock Band game as well as some downloadable tracks the previous year (though it had created the genre a couple of years earlier with Guitar Hero). While the concept had proven feasible, it wasn’t quite the massive phenomenon as we remember it.

But that was about to change.

While there were individual songs by major acts, even The Who, it was 2008 when full albums by Judas Priest and The Cars were made available. A few band-centric packs were made available as well, but The Who was the first of the major classic, all-time great bands to jump in with a major batch of songs.

To celebrate the release of The Best Of The Who which contained 12 additional songs to those previously available, Harmonix and Electronic Arts threw a party. Well, party is a bit of a misnomer. At the Orpheum theater in Los Angeles on July 16, 2006 The Who took the stage and ripped through several songs. Actually, the audience would have been happy with the band coming out to bang out 3 to 5 songs, but The Who played more than 15 songs and their set lasted about 90 minutes.

Hits like “My Generation” and “Baba O Riley” were highlights of the set, though the band’s rock opera Tommy got quite a bit of play as well, especially during the encore. It was, in so many words, a fantastic set.

Almost exactly 4 years earlier I saw The Who perform and the set list was almost the same. There were some different songs of course, and the set was a few songs shorter, but it was a full set. While I didn’t have the best seats, they were still good and the concert was simply fantastic.

And free.


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Phamiy Foto Phriday 5-20-16

Just a few pictures this week, since I wound up posting almost all  of them in a couple of other posts earlier this week.

I did want to lead off with this one because I’m ridiculously proud of her.

emerald city feis 2016 bling

Here is Tevye attempting to help with the laundry.


I turned around one day and found that Tevye had gotten into the baseball equipment.


And let leave you with this.


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Xavier’s LEGO Birthday Party

Our third (and final) birthday for the month of May was a massive success, but not the one we had initially planned.

Xavier turned 6 years old on Sunday, and it isn’t often the kids get to have a party on the day of their actual birthday, so we had a good one planned. Only thing is the weather had other plans. What was going to be a fun indoor and outdoor party wound up being an exclusively indoor affair. This in itself wasn’t bad, but we had to make some adjustments.

Most of what we had planned still made the party, but the timeline and emphasis shifted.

A few days before I made a trip up to The LEGO Store and picked up enough pieces for each guest to build a custom minifigure. As each guest arrived we had them decorate a paper bag, putting their name on it, then going to another station to build their minifigure. They kept their minifigure in the bag and all the bags were kept for safekeeping in the kitchen while the kids did other activities.

xavier 6 bday 06

First there was a round of free-play. We have enough LEGO pieces that a large group of kids can simply find enough to build with.

But then after a little while, we went on to what what one of the centerpieces of the party. Each team of kids had to build a race car. We may have a lot of LEGOs but not enough to give every kid a full set of wheels and axles. There were teams of two or three and this is where all of the older kids really helped out (you may remember my mentioning earlier a couple of August’s friends has spent the night).

xavier 6 bday 01

I had built a short track, which was essentially a spare piece of scrap particle board spray pained with six square wooden dowels glued on. What was planned for something a bit more elaborate and outdoors turned into a shorter indoor event. Well, shorter in distance but not in time and excitement.

xavier 6 bday 02

After the racing heats everybody repaired downstairs for some more free build time. Then it was on to the tower competition. Who could make the largest freestanding tower in a set amount of time?

xavier 6 bday 03

Xavier wasn’t as interested in making a tower.

xavier 6 bday 04

On to the cake. I alluded to this in my previous post, but let me elaborate a little more here. We went in on Wednesday to order the cake. Xavier picked it out, as the birthday child always gets to pick out their own cake. Flavor, decorations, whatever. I was to pick up the cake at 10am on Sunday, which would give us plenty of time before the party started at 1. Only I was running late. It wasn’t until almost noon when I got to Fred Meyer to pick up the cake. And it was the wrong cake. It was plain with “Happy Birthday Xavier” on it and none of the decoration he had picked out. I started panicking, and I admit it wasn’t one of my better moments. Turns out the person taking the order had done a poor job and the person I was picking the cake up from, a different employee, had decorated the cake as (improperly) instructed. “What was it you had ordered?” she asked and I pointed to the Captain America picture and explained this was for my 6 year old’s birthday party. She said she would be able to fix it in a little while, maybe 20 minutes. I said I was already running late and needed it in 10. I also said that it didn’t matter if the lines were fuzzy or whatever, it just needed to approximate the picture and if the lines weren’t straight or anything small was wrong I wouldn’t complain. Because I wasn’t sure  how the cake would turn out I picked up a small Captain America figure to place on top. 10 minutes later I was handed the cake and it was a little sloppy but it was good enough and that is all I wanted.

xavier 6 bday 05

Remember those bags the kids decorated at the beginning of the party? The one they put their minifigure in? We had a pinata. It was supposed to be outside, but I wound up attaching it to the end of a broom and having the kids pull the strings in the front room. Yes, it was a string pinata, not one to be hit with a stick because these are preschoolers and the last thing we need is small kids with implements of destruction. It was tough holding the pinata, but it worked, and when it opened up each kid filled their bag with its contents.

Most everybody left after this and whoever was left simply played with LEGO blocks until they were picked up. All told, it was a successful party.

One of the things we like to do is have the kids think of a charity they would like to gather donations for rather than have their guests obligated to bring gifts. For this one Xavier chose food for the homeless. Here he is helping to deliver the food his guests brought to the St. Vincent de Paul pantry.

xavier 6 bday 07

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2016 Emerald City Feis

This past weekend Déla competed in the 2016 Emerald City Feis. This annual competition is just one of many held around the country, but the only one held here in Seattle.

She competed in several dances, with the first one at 8:30 in the morning, the first dance of the day. Only problem was, we couldn’t find all of her costume. Missing was the headband. We scrambled and searched but could not locate it.

emerald city feis 01

Despite searching we could not find it. Finally it was time to go or miss the competition. We had to have some faith that we would be able to borrow one. Getting there we signed in, found one of Déla’s instructors and asked if there was a spare headband, knowing it was a long shot. Turns out they had one.

emerald city feis 04

I wish I could remember the specific dances she participated in. I have the list somewhere, but can’t seem to find it right now. In a few dances she came in 3rd or 4th out of usually between 10 – 14 competitors. In one dance she came in 2nd. In a few other dances she did not place at all.
emerald city feis 05

This, despite Déla’s spectacular dancing, is one of my favorite pictures of the weekend. In case you can’t read the words it says there are no events scheduled for the room.

emerald city feis 02

After the “standard” dances there were a couple of “specials” she competed in, then the two and three hand dances. She medaled in the team dances as well, coming in 3rd.

emerald city feis 06

It was the special dances we waited around for. She was able to pick up her medals as soon as the results were posted for most of the dances with the exception of the specials. The Hat/Mask Special we didn’t expect much, but Déla felt good about her Reel Special. There were 14 competitors in that dance. When it was announced there would be seven trophies handed out, she got excited. With ties for 3rd and 4th place, she felt her chances were good. When she didn’t hear her name called for 3rd place, she figured that was it. When somebody else’s name was called for 2nd place she knew she wasn’t going up for an award because the other dance was really good. When Déla’s name was called up for 1st place it took us both a second to realize that indeed she won. We looked at each other with a lot fo shock, amazement, surprise and happiness.

emerald city feis 07

Out of something like 11 dances she took home 6 medals and a 1st place trophy.

emerald city feis 2016 bling

And on a borrowed headband.


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13, 6, 1st And Everything In Between

To say this was a crazy busy weekend would be an understatement. Here is an overview of what we went through.

emerald city feis 2016 blingDéla and I got up and left the house about 7:40, a little later than we had hoped. We had to get downtown to the convention center where she was competing in the Emerald City Feis.

Her first dance was at 8:30 and she was dancing almost solidly through the morning.

She danced great, coming in with some respectable results, but the real surprise was coming in 1st in the Reel Special.

This event was a landmark for her and I will be making a blog post about it for tomorrow.

While I was with Déla, Laura took Ciarán to a birthday party as well as picked him up. I only had the one child while she had everybody else to contend with.

Déla and I arrived home about 1:30 or so, but there wasn’t a lot of time to rest. Laura and I planned and coordinated, then I took Déla to her gymnastics meet. Unfortunately I knew I wouldn’t be able to get any good shots of her since the meet was held in the one location (out of three) where the sight lines were horrible. I took the opportunity then to go to the grocery store and get much of what was needed for the rest of the coming scheduling storm. And I had Tevye with me.

While I was with Déla and Tevye, a friend of August’s came over to spend the night. Saturday was August’s 13th birthday, an event that wound up getting zero pictures.

Laura took Ciarán, Xavier, August and his friend to mass at about the same time Déla was finishing up with her gymnastics meet.her team came in 2nd. On the way home we stopped off at a different grocery store for one more thing then it was to home where I started dinner. Laura and the kids picked up another of August’s friends who would be spending the night on their way home from mass.

august birthday onlyDinner was ready when they all arrived, which was good, because we didn’t have a lot of time. After eating our dinner and cake, which August had picked out at the store earlier that day when Laura had taken him on the way to the birthday party Ciarán was attending, I took August and his friends to see Captain America: Civil War. Despite rushing out of the house and cutting the cake time short, the showing we wanted to catch was sold out. Thankfully it is not only a major release but this was the 2nd weekend of its release so there were plenty of other showing. We were able to catch the next showing which was just a half hour later. And we got decent seats.

We got home at 11:30 where I went right to bed, but the three boys stayed up for another hour or so playing video games.

I wish there was more to this momentous occasion to post about, but unfortunately August’s 13th birthday was a massively understated affair. He got to do exactly what he wanted – invite a couple of friends over to see Captain America: Civil War and spend the night. Sometimes it is simplicity that is best.

Sunday morning we woke up and started prepping the house for Xavier’s birthday party. This took longer than expected and I didn’t get to the store to pick up Xavier’s cake when I was supposed to. I was almost two hours “late” – it was supposed to be ready at 10 but it was nearly noon by the time I got there.

And it was the wrong cake.

xavier cakeOne freak-out and slap-dash recovery later I get home and we put the finishing preparations on the birthday party together.  It all worked out well enough, mostly because those boys who spent the night with August helped out.

I will be writing a blog post about Xavier’s birthday party this week as well.

When it was all over I was ready for a beer.

We still needed to get dinner made, which was simple enough, but in all the various trips to all the various stores, not one beer was purchased. And I was simply too tired to go back to the store.

And if I was tired, well, all the kids were, really. I found Déla curled up on the chair asleep after dinner. It was early bedtime for everybody.

dela tired may 2016

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Phamily Foto Phriday 5-13-16

Apparently I had one of these (supposedly) regular installment posts ready for last Friday but for some reason I never posted it.


A double-dose this week, so let’s get started.

Tevye got a hold of the baseball equipment one day.

2016 may 6 01

I took August and Déla to see The Jungle Book. There were three different displays for upcoming movies in the theater you could get your picture taken with.

2016 may 6 04

So naturally the kids posed with each one.

2016 may 6 06

This one is my favorite.

2016 may 6 05

Ciaran has been improving his skills at baseball – it’s a “rookie” level machine pitch, mostly to introduce the concepts of the game, but he’s having fun.

2016 may 13 01

Tevye turned 2, which should be its own blog post, but sadly I don’t have much to say about the event, and only a couple of good pictures since he wouldn’t stop moving. Here he is opening one of his presents.

2016 may 13 02

This, however, I am particularly happy with. One of my all-time favorite “birthday” shots.

2016 may 13 03

Remember when Marianne came out for Ciaran’s first communion? She brought with her a Harvard sweatshirt which he loves.

2016 may 13 04

During one of the Boy Scout meetings there was a discussion about fire safety and what to do in the event of a kitchen fire. The boys also got to practice using a fire extinguisher.

2016 may 13 05

Tevye got his first real haircut. This is another thing that should be its own blog post, but life has just been so crazy lately. Here is one shot of him before.

2016 may 13 06

And the only good shot of him from the side before the haircut.

2016 may 13 07

Here he is afterwards. He looks a lot more like Ciaran than we realized.

2016 may 13 08

One day while taking Xavier to pre-school we ran into August.

2016 may 13 09

At this month’s Cub Scout pack meeting Ciaran was awarded several achievement awards, belt loops that mark his progress toward a much larger goal.

2016 may 13 10

That goal being the Wolf Badge. He earned and was awarded this rank but doesn’t get much time to rest, The crossing over ceremony is going to happen soon and we’ll begin working on the Bear rank.

2016 may 13 11

And yes, that’s me standing up there with him. A major enough event that it involves the parent getting up there with their son.

Notice a couple kids conspicuously absent? Don’t worry. There’s plenty going on and they will have their turn in the spotlight.

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A Folklife Zone

northwest folklife logoThe annual Folklife Festival is coming this upcoming Memorial Day weekend, May 27 – 30. As the whole event is “family friendly” it takes something special to set itself apart. The Discovery Zone is just the thing.

In addition to specific kid-centric performances and workshops there is, pardon the expression, more to discover. Think of this as a great way to stay involved in the happenings of the festival while taking a break.

There is so much information it is easier to simply read the whole of the press release:

Run, skip, and dance to the Discovery Zone at the Northwest Folklife Festival. Become a captain and build your own boat, learn about music with Light in the Attic, dance at the Bollywood Dance Party, and more. Although all of the Festival is geared towards the whole family, this family-friendly area offers workshops, hands-on artistic activities, and interactive musical experiences for ages 4-12. The Discovery Zone is located in the Next 50 Plaza and will be programmed from 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Friday, May 27 – Monday, May 30.
There are several new activities featured in the Discovery Zone this year and plenty of opportunities to learn something new. Discover nature through art and learn how to make art with upcycled materials at the Nature Consortium activity station. Visit the Northwest African American Museum activity booth to explore notions of inner beauty through art and make a collage to share. There will be a variety of additional family activities to dig into as well.
In addition to the Discovery Zone, the Festival offers other family-friendly showcases specially curated for children. The Kindiependent showcase will feature much loved kindie bands like The Whizpops, Recess Monkey, The Not-its, Harmonica Pocket, and more. Festival goers can catch interactive dance performances or join in a sing-a-long at the Fisher Green Stage. At the Armory Lofts, learn how to sing your ays, eees, and ooos in a yodeling workshop or participate in family dances. Families can also view the musical drama Open Earth presented by Seattle Opera at the Cornish Playhouse, which is part of the organization’s 2016 Cultural Focus program, “The Power of the Human Voice Through Song.” A multitude of live music and cultural performances awaits at this year’s Northwest Folklife Festival.
For a full list of family-friendly programming in the Discovery Zone, visit
Here are a few of the hands-on activities, workshops, and performances to look forward to:
ACTIVITIES Unless otherwise noted, All below activity booths will be available all four days of the Festival
Gage Academy of Art
“Gage Pop-Up Drawing Jam”
Come unleash your inner artist! Whether you are a young Rembrandt, a comic book artist, a stick figure sketcher, or just like to express yourself, Gage presents a chance to drop in and draw at the Festival. Gage provides free professional art supplies, costumed models from bunny rabbits to comic heroes, easels, still life set ups, and lots of encouragement.
The Center for Wooden Boats
“Toy Boat Building”
Grab a hull, a mast, and some traditional tools and build your own boat! Decorate it, give it a name, and sail it wherever your imagination takes you.
Seattle Children’s Museum
“Exploring Rhythm”
Hungry for a bite-sized sample of the Seattle Children’s Museum? Visit our booth to explore marbles, motion, and music, all in the same fun-filled package! Kids can explore independently or collaboratively as they make music with their bodies, marbles, and other everyday materials.

Northwest African American Museum
“Posing Beauty: Finding the Beauty Within”
Inspired by the exhibition Posing Beauty in African American Culture, families are invited to explore notions of inner beauty through art. Make art cards using word tiles and images to create miniature collages to share or trade with friends and families about what makes someone beautiful on the inside.
Nature Consortium
“Discover Nature through Art”
Make your own jewelry, hats, or bird feeders that explore elements of the natural environment and learn the how and why of making art with upcycled materials. In the process visitors can learn how common packaging can impact the world, explore alternative options, and work with ‘trash’ to create art.
Light in the Attic “This Record Belongs To _______: An Introduction to the Magic of Vinyl Records” Friday and Saturday only
Light in the Attic Records loves music and so do you! We hope to share our passion by teaching the little ones the interactive experience of holding an album in your hands, putting needle to groove, and immersing yourself in the pages of a record’s sleeve as the music plays.
WORKSHOPSthis is only a selection of workshops happening in the Discovery Zone
Bollywood Dance Party
Friday, May 27, 3:00 p.m.
Learn to dance a Bollywood Choreography with Katrina Ji, using classic Bollywood facial and hand gestures with a fusion of detailed dance steps.
STG Presents: The Jungle Book Workshop
Sunday, May 29, 2:00 p.m.
During Seattle Theatre Group’s musical theatre workshop, participants will actively learn song and dance from the popular Disney show, The Jungle Book.
PERFORMANCESthis is only a selection of performances happening in the Discovery Zone

North City Rockers
Friday, May 27, 5:00 p.m.
Jump into a B-Boying Hip-Hop dance for everyone! The North City Rockers are a multi-generational hip-hop production crew.
Jamtown Howdy Band
Saturday, May 28, 2:00 p.m.
Come sing and move with the Howdy Band!
Melody Institute
Monday, May 30, 2:00 p.m.
Melody Institute has performed Chinese folk, traditional, modern, and ethnic dances around the Pacific Northwest for more than a decade. Stop by to watch an intriguing Chinese Dance performance.
Greater Seattle Choral Consortium Play Songs
Monday, May 30, 3:00 p.m.
Join in for a family sing-a-long to folk music.
Other family-friendly programming at the 45th annual Northwest Folklife Festival includes:
“Kindiependent Show!”
Monday, 30, 11:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., Fountain Lawn Stage
Featuring: The Whizpops, Recess Monkey, The Not-its!, Harmonica Pocket, Brian Vogan and his Good Buddies, and John Bregar.
The Discovery Zone programming is sponsored by ParentMap.
The 45th annual Northwest Folklife Festival is produced in partnership with Seattle Center and is presented by Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. It is sponsored in part by Lyft, Caffe Ladro, The MarQueen Hotel, Mediterranean Inn, Ben & Jerry’s of Greenlake, Western Washington Toyota Dealers Association, The Frankfurter, EMP Museum, Hostelling International at The American Hotel, and Pepsi.
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