Fresh And On The Go

Amazon is taking their convenience to a whole different level. Instead of waiting for delivery of your Amazon Fresh order, if you have Amazon Prime you could place your order either from your computer or out and about via the app and pick it up while running other errands.

This video explains the concept pretty well.

What the video does not show is where in Seattle this will be, or when this will actually open for business. The video is fairly absent with regards to logistical details. The concept is pretty good though and I can see myself using it if I am in the area (the soccer game snacks is a particularly significant example).

I wonder where this was filmed. There haven’t been enough sunny days here for anything to be filmed. A few of the shots look like they were shot around the Green Lake neighborhood, which would be a rather convenient location for me.

For more information (when available) visit

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Expanding Aerial History

A while back I told you about the Flying Heritage Collection new exhibit Why War. Now we get the news is making a massive expansion with a third hanger which will include over 40 artifacts. This expansion will make the Flying Heritage Collection “the largest operational military vehicle and warbird collection on the west coast” and offer up a new name – Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum.

The Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum originally opened in 2008 and has continually added new exhibits and artifacts, such as aircraft and vehicles from Japan, Russia, Germany, Great Britain and the United States.

The Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum will break ground on a 30,816-square foot hanger in 2017. The addition of this third hanger will allow the museum to better accommodate the growing collection of aircraft and vehicles.

Along with a name change which gives the museum a broader focus there will be an expanded series of events, such as Tankfest Northwest 2017 which happens May 27. The museum will, among other things, unveil its recent acquisition – the Churchill Tank.


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Modest Mouse & Built To Spill Coming To The Fair

The Washington State Fair concert series has been a bit heavy on the country music with the announcements, but that is going to change. Thursday, September 21 will see Modest Mouse take the main stage with Built To Spill opening.

Modest Mouse are sort of local heroes, being from the area and staying local for more than two decades. The band’s last album, Strangers To Ourselves, was released in 2015 and a new album is being recorded, so new songs could be performed.

Modest Mouse © 2015 Ben Moon

Over in Boise, Idaho Built To Spill built up a following and been another regional favorite for about the same time. 2015 saw the band release its last album, Untethered Moon, and some personnel changes. Who knows what this concert will hold for fans.

Tickets and information for this and other concerts for the 2017 Washington State Fair can be found at

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Last night Déla asked during dinner if one of us (myself or Laura) would be able to help get her hair into a braid in the morning. She was pretty earnest in her query, and Laura asked her why she wanted her hair in a braid. The next morning (today) might be difficult but we could set aside a day next week to get up early and prepare for it and get a nice french braid going.

Déla responded that Thursday was the day for a reason. She started to explain there was a thing, no, some of  her friends, no, online… I stepped in and asked “Are a bunch of your friends wearing braids tomorrow?” She was visibly relieved and said “Yes, it’s just a thing some of my friends are doing tomorrow.”

Thing is, I knew that wasn’t the case which is why I stepped in. Déla and I have the same phone, so when I noticed I had a new message I checked it, only it wasn’t my phone I was checking. What I saw was a forwarded text from one of her friends. It was an image of a girl from behind with her hair braided, and text saying something to the effect of March 23 girls should wear their hair in a braid and see if any boys notice.

We need to have our phones differentiated better.

So Déla got up early this morning and Laura braided her hair. I wish I had gotten a picture. I don’t know how many of her friends or other girls at school participated in this experiment, nor do I know how widespread this experiment might be.

Searching online for the image my daughter was texted (unsuccessfully) the one thing I found that was consistent was a connection between March 23 and The Hunger Games. Apparently the first movie was released on this day a few years ago. I have not read the books not watched the films so I am not aware of any connection, nor do I think my daughter is aware.

I don’t have a conclusion or a way to wrap this up so I’ll end this post like this:

Did your daughter wear braids today?

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PBS Kids 24/7 In Seattle

This news comes with three things – good news, bad news, and a preface.


Two and a half years ago when my family visited Massachusetts for a couple of weeks we stayed in a house in Salem. Nearly every day we went out and did something, and almost every day our normal schedule was, to put it best, “off” by a bit. This meant normal television viewing was not done at regular hours. We might wake up, leave, come home in the evening and as I was making dinner the kids would watch a little television. Invariably this was the PBS Kids channel operated by WGBH which had 24 hour programming of PBS Kids programs. It was a lifesaver in many ways because we could always count on something appropriate for everybody to be showing no matter the time while we were on “vacation time”.


KCTS 9 has announced it would launch a similar channel on April 1. You will be able to find the programming broadcast over the air on channel 9.2 then on cable via Comcast Channel 337; in Yakima, it will broadcast on Channel 47.2 and on Charter Cable on Channel 297. The main KCTS channel 9 will not be altered in any way, broadcasting PBS Kids programs in the morning and early afternoon, then its regular slate of programs the rest of the time.


Satellite subscribers (like myself) will have no access to the channel as broadcast. There are currently no deals with DirecTV or Dish Network (and there probably will not be).

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE (from the press release):

The channel will also be available as a live stream on and on the free PBS KIDS Video App for mobile and tablet devices. Later this year, the live stream will introduce a first-of-its-kind integrated games feature, enabling children to toggle between a PBS KIDS show and an activity that extends learning—all in one seamless digital experience.


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Hank & Fire At The Fair

The Washington State Fair has made two big announcements with regards to live entertainment on their main stage. A few big names have been announced, but these might be the biggest yet. Hank Williams Jr. will appear Saturday, September 16 with special guest The Cadillac Three. Then on Friday September 22 Earth, Wind And Fire will take the stage.

Hank Williams Jr. is a legend in the business not just for being the son of Hank Williams but for forging his own legendary career in country music. Earth, Wind and Fire have cemented their place in music history with a string of hits and top-selling albums. Both artists have a sound that is very much identifiable and their own.

Tickets for both shows are on sale now at

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Phamily Foto Phriday 3-17-17

I know it’s been over a month. I should write a post about the issues I have had with getting a new phone then attempting to connect it to my computer. But I won’t. Let’s catch up, shall we?

Here is Tevye after finding some of the super hero dress up items.

Well, somebody is eating solid foods now…

Came up one morning during break and these two were like this.

One day Xavier went to a birthday party at Pump It Up, a playspace with a large selection of inflatable structures.


Among other things, Tevye has found one of my music game controllers. He spent a couple of days singing and playing rock and roll around the house

Déla has been incredibly busy getting ready for the middle school musical. Here she is taking her place getting set up for the show to begin.

Of course she is still doing Irish dance. Here she is in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Our Cub Scout pack and Boy Scout troop participated in hockey night a couple of weeks ago. I took my three scouts and we had a great time.

That’s enough for now. Make sure you have the right cables for your cell phones.


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Five More Random Facts

Because I have little time (do not ask how many days it took me to assemble this post) to write a full post I am just going to gather up something I can do in short bursts, so I present to you:

Five More Random Facts About Me (see the first entry here)

1. I pluck my eyebrows. Maybe “pluck” is not the right word. I don’t shape them, just pull out the random hairs that stick out at odd angles. Sometimes one of the hairs in an eyebrow is thicker than others, wiry, and grows out at an angle just odd enough that it is bothersome. It wouldn’t be much of a problem, and I probably wouldn’t even notice, if they didn’t rub up against my glasses.

2. My favorite film of all time is Fantasia. In my opinion it is a fantastic and near perfect culmination of visual and audio wonder.

3. At 49 years of age I still have not broken a bone. I hope to keep it that way. It took until this decade of life to get lice (from my kids) and I hope to never have that happen again, though I expect it may happen at some point in the future with more kids at home still to enter school.

4. My first date was in middle school at the age of 13. I don’t remember her name (and I do feel bad about that), but do remember we held hands. I think we went on one or two dates after that as well, but do not really remember much about her or subsequent dates, but I remember that first one. We went to see the 1980 film Flash Gordon. I have always liked the serials, and while there are some flaws to this film version it still holds a special place in my heart. But only marginally because it was my first date.

Really, it has more to do with the film itself.

And soundtrack.

5. We can see the steeple of our parish church from several rooms in our house. It is a nice byproduct of our location, but that’s not why we moved here. When Laura and I were looking for a house I had a list of three requirements. The first was that a grocery store needed to be within walking distance. The second was the house would have to be close to a major bus line. Finally, our block had to have sidewalks. At time time I worked downtown and did not have a driver’s license. And having lived in places where we didn’t have sidewalks, well, I was done with that.


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Music Monday: Berlin (Artist Of The Year Lou Reed Part 4)

Lou Reed’s third solo album saw a change – it was recorded in New York City as opposed to London, where his first two solo albums were recorded. Did this change the substance of the record? No. Berlin (the album) is a sort of rock opera or song cycle that tells a story of a couple strung out on heroin, a topic that Lou Reed was familiar with. Produced by Bob Ezrin, there are a number of notable names who helped out such as Steve Winwood playing organ and Jack Bruce and Tony Levin on bass.

As an album, how does it stand up? There are plenty of accolades for Berlin today, but at the time the album received mixed reviews, probably because many were comparing it to Lou Reed’s album Transformer, which was released less than a year previously.

Berlin the album starts off with a different version of “Berlin” the song than appeared on Lou Reed’s solo debut album. This sets up the tone of this album being something familiar yet different from what we may be used to.

“Berlin” Lou Reed version

“Berlin” Berlin version

At first the songs do not seem to be connected. It isn’t until “Oh Jim” the separate pieces come together. The characters of Caroline and Jim are dysfunctional, coming from backgrounds they are rebelling against when heroin unites them.

While Berlin may be a masterpiece it is not, in my opinion, his best album. It does showcase how he transformed into a long-form storyteller. Previously his stories would last one song but here he takes a theme and runs with it for a whole album.

Berlin can be a tough album to listen to, not because it is bad, but because it is so bleak.

“The Bed”

Like previous solo albums there are a few songs Lou Reed wrote for the Velvet Underground but repurposed for his own album. Berlin is less reliant, however, than his previous two albums. While it is a fantastic showcase of Lou Reed as a songwriter and storyteller it is not the place to begin exploring his solo works.

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Mariners At 40

There was a tweet in my timeline about how 20 years ago today ground was broken on what would become Safeco Field.

One of the things that always bothered me about the new stadium was its name. At the time I did not realize companies pay a lot of money to have their names on stadiums. In this case Safeco Insurance is spending a lot of money to have the stadium and field associated with their brand.

Frankly, I believe the stadium should be named after Ken Griffey Jr. or Edgar Martinez. Actually, my family refers to it as “The house Griffey built” because it would not have happened without him.

I attended a few games in the Kingdome, the original home of the Mariners, but just a few. I was a teenager in the early 80s when relatives from Ireland came over and we sat high up in the bleachers and trying to explain the game to them. They couldn’t understand it. Heck, I still don’t understand some of the rules myself.

One memorable game I attended was against the Brewers in 1983. Apparently the Mariners lost that game, but I don’t remember the game itself. It was the concert afterwards I attended that I remember.

The Beach Boys performed after the game – and it a full lineup with Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, and Bruce Johnston (along with a couple of backup musicians). There used to be a video fo the concert online, but it has since been taken down, which is a shame. Sure the band was going through the motions for the most part, but it was the full original band.

That was a great show and I wish I could find my poster. I think it has gotten lost in one of the moves over the years, which is a shame.

I don’t know how many games we will be able to make it to this year. I purchased the Kids Club memberships, and they still have the ticket voucher with certain games available at a (granted, it is a very significant) discount. There are more games that are not eligible to be used with the Kids Club ticket vouchers than are 46 versus 35. Not eligible are most weekend games, which seems, well, it is almost as if the Mariners don’t want the ticket vouchers to be used. And most of the games during the week that are “day” games.

I really do hate the fact most of our games start at 7 at night.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I love my Mariners. We have a great stadium, and the Kids Club is a good deal – though there is quite a bit of room for improvement. But that’s another post.



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