Movie Contest

I have a rather large home video collection. Out of the several hundred movies on DVD and Blu-ray I own, which are in alphabetical order, there are three directors that have their own “section” on the shelf. If you can be the first to guess the three directors and tweet me (@ppmdad) by Friday, you’ll win three random films from my collection. These films may or may not be from the directors in question.


Hints? Alright.

Director 1

Dead. Recently so (in cinema history terms).

Most films are set in one city (but not connected).


Director 2

Another director infuses a lot of music into his films.

He has a film coming out next year.

Not from America.


Director 3

The third director has a potty mouth and a thing for comics.

Somebody already guessed it, so his name is already out there.



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