Of Pants And Hello

There are two things I want to get across in this post. It won’t take too long, so bear with me.


Earlier today I was taking Ciárán to pre-school, and had Xavier with me, as usual. We walked the block and a half, and since we got there a little early I decided to check the Lost And Found for Ciárán’s green jacket (which he loves and has been missing for 2 days – thankfully it isn’t his only coat option).


It should be noted that, for both points I wish to make, Ciárán’s pre-school is adjacent to the older kids’ school.


So I’m going through the Lost And Found and finding a gajillion sweatshirts, a few lunchboxes, an umbrella, some pants, but not Ciárán’s coat. Let’s back up a moment. Pants. How does one lose pants in school? And how is it there are so many pairs of pants in the Lost And Found? “Hi, honey, welcome home. How was school? Where are your pants?”


That’s one.


As we were coming out of the Lost And Found we passed by the playground where August’s grade was having recess after lunch. August saw us and came over. At 9 years old, many kids would want little to do with their younger siblings. August is different. He not only said “Hi” but made a point to come over to do so. With a smile on his face.


That’s two.


I’m sure there are siblings out there that have a similar relationship, but usually 3rd graders and pre-schoolers (and toddlers for that matter) don’t mix very well. That August was visibly pleased to see us and wanted to take time away from his valuable play time with his friends to say hello to us, well, that about made my day. I would have been genuinely happy had he just acknowledged our presence with a wave from afar as he quickly turned and ran after his friends.


And I’m smiling as I type this.

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