Crackers And Coffee

I woke up early today… no, I was woken up early today. No extraordinarily early, but definitely early enough to be disorienting.

Part of what was so disorienting was not the hour I was woken, but also the fact I was in the middle of a dream. A rather bizarre dream at that. At this point as I sit down to type this out I don’t remember much about it, but there was something about crackers in Xavier’s hair that was a predominant theme. Not crumbs, crackers.

When Xavier came into our room at 4-something this morning the only think I could think of was that I had to get the crackers out of his head. It took me a few minutes to realize it was a carry-over from the dream.

The two of us went downstairs, I got him changed, and we started our morning routine. Well, sort of. I was out of it. So much so I forgot to start the coffee. If you know me, you understand just how big of a deal this is.

I sat down to go through emails and dink around on the internet a little while Xavier watched Caillou on the Kindle, but I had this feeling I was forgetting something. I simply chalked this up to the lingering sensation of needing to clean out the crackers from my preschooler’s hair. It wasn’t until over 30 minutes later that I realized I forgot to start the coffee.

At this point (as I type this it is not yet 6 in the morning) I’m not sure what all I’ve forgotten to do. I’m slowly becoming aware that I have to start getting the rest of the house ready for the day. I have lunches to make, kids to get to school, etc.

So if you’ll excuse me I have the rest of my day to go and sleepwalk through.

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  1. stephen packard says:

    🙂 reminds me of the time I was woken up by lightning while out backpacking and wondering how my head lamp was able to lite the whole sky.

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