3 Year Old Praise

Last night as Laura and I were going to bed we smelled it. Xavier, our 3 year old, had pooped in his pull-up and needed changing. While I didn’t relish waking him up, it had to be done. As I (gently) woke him and picked him up to carry him to the bathroom he said, “Who are you? Who are you, daddy?”

This morning, however, was different. As he was helping me wake up Laura he alternately sat on the pillows (“A comfy seat”) or snuggling up next to her he said, “You’re my best mommy, mom!”


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2 Responses to 3 Year Old Praise

  1. seattledad says:

    At least he wasn’t crying, and he really did know who you were. Nice recovery in the morning.

    • Daniel monk Pelfrey says:

      Poor kid was out of it. Then again we all are usually when awoken in the middle of our sleep. He’s been a pretty good sleeper, but he does wake up early. Every. Friggin. Day. Early.

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