February Is LEGO Month

Well, not actually, but it feels like it. LEGO: The Movie comes out today. Also today LEGO: The Movie: The Video Game is released. I’m sure you’ve seen trailers for the movie. They are everywhere. The song “Everything Is Awesome” is almost everywhere as well.

I haven’t seen much of LEGO: The Movie: The Video Game but my kids want it. Their experiences with the previous LEGO games has been increasingly positive, and with how much fun the movie appears to be, well, getting to play an interactive version of it is just that much sweeter.

Here’s the launch trailer for the game.


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3 Responses to February Is LEGO Month

  1. MadMup says:

    I wasn’t sure if I’d get this game, but I’d hate to ruin my streak of playing all the Lego games.

    Let me know if some company sends you an X1 version you can’t use 😉

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