On Call

waiting room game iconIt’s that time.

Things are imminent.

Her due date was Sunday.

Oh, we’re not on pins and needles, a watched pot doesn’t boil and if we sit around staring at her belly it won’t help matters.

Besides, all of the kids that she has given birth to have been late. The earliest was Ciaran at 6 days past the due date and that was because she was induced. He wouldn’t have come out for a few more days unless prompted.

So here we are, with kid number 6, and we’re waiting.

Ah, but those labors have gotten shorter and shorter. The last one, Xavier, was so quick nobody got here on time. Contractions were never closer than 5 minutes apart. When it does happen, it’s going to be quick.

So I’m “on call” meaning I can’t be more than a moment away from whatever. I wanted to go to a movie, but even that would be tough. I’d get a text and have to get home, and frankly, that might not be enough time. Last night August has his Cub Scout meeting. I forgot my phone. It was only an hour, but I went back home to get my phone, just in case.



Any day now.

Or sometime next week.


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  1. seattledad says:

    Wow, any moment. Exciting. Sorry, I’ve been absent and didn’t realize how close you all were. Will be thinking of you all, sending good thoughts, and waiting for the news.

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