Five Random Useless Facts

neville poster1. My favorite character from the entire Harry Potter franchise is Neville Longbottom. He is the most underrated character in the franchise, the most loyal and brave – in many ways even braver than Harry. He is perseverance and determination personified. And if you had been paying attention the prophecy could have been about him.

2.┬áMy favorite class from middle school was a combination Astronomy/Meteorology class. Half of the class was looking at the stars, which I wasn’t good at but interested in, and the other half was about, as you probably have surmised, predicting the weather. I was good at the meteorology part. To this day it is one of the only school courses that has stuck with me throughout my life. I watch the weather forecast on television, viewing the radar and whatnot, and right before the 5 day forecast comes up I do my own prediction and am usually right if not very close. I might have made a decent meteorologist.

alderaan 5 day forecast

3. I have enough T-shirts to do a weekly post about each one for the next 2 years. I think I just might do that.

dave grohl rolling stone4. I took Dave Grohl’s passport picture once when I worked at Kinko’s. This was back in the mid-90s after the first Foo Fighters album came out. Unfortunately I only “sort of” recognized him, but by the time I realized who it was I was taking a passport photo of, he was gone. As a fan of both Nirvana and Foo Fighters I felt (and still do) sort of ashamed for not actually recognizing him. I missed my opportunity to get his autograph. I am still kicking myself over this.

5. One of my earliest memories of television is of watching Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-It helped set the blueprint for my sense of humor (along with a few other significant contributions).

laugh in

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  1. Melisa Wells says:

    I LOVE your Dave Grohl story!! So cool.

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