Storks (Blu-ray)

I had wanted to see Storks when it was in theaters a few months ago. I don’t remember hearing much about it before it was about to be released, and then it was gone almost as quickly. Apparently it made a decent enough amount of money, so why didn’t I hear much more about this?

Whatever, it’s on Blu-ray now and I got to check it out.

Storks delver babies, right? Well, not any more. Now the birds are delivering for an online retailer. The CEO of the delivery service, voiced by Kelsey Grammer, responsible for the storks getting out of the baby delivery service wants to hand his position down to Junior, (voiced by Andy Samberg) the top delivery stork. The only thing standing in the way of Junior’s promotion is Tulip (Katie Crown) an orphan who wound up getting stuck living with the storks. She is an accident prone girl who winds up damaging profits.

The other main story concerns the Gardner family. Mom and dad (Jennifer Aniston and Ty Burrell) are workaholics who neglect their only son, Nate, who wants a baby brother. He winds up contacting the storks to have a baby brother delivered.

And then the two plots become intertwined.

There are some genuinely funny moments, particularly the wolf pack where, well I don’t want to spoil this, but I was reminded of the old cartoon “Super Friends”. Then the fight when the baby is asleep is funny because it rings true.

Ultimately Storks is about family, which shouldn’t be surprising. The film has a bit of heart, some decent humor, and while the message may be obvious, it is always nice to be reminded.

The Blu-ray comes with a number of special features, starting off with two shorts. The first is “The Master” a LEGO Ninjago short which apparently was screened in theaters in front of Storks. The other is a new one – “Storks: Guide To Your New Baby” (which isn’t as funny as it thinks it is, maybe it should have been a bit longer). A few outtakes are present, which for an animated film is obviously not quite the case, but these had me chuckling. Some deleted scenes and a music video round out most of the offerings. Finally there is an audio commentary with Nicholas Stoller, Douglas Sweetland, John Venzon and Matt Flynn is also present – all crew members.

Storks was a good film which I enjoyed watching and while I may not want to watch it several times it is certainly something my kids enjoy and I know they will watch again.

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