War In Everett?

War is tough, as in the cost is great in both material resources and human life, not to mention anything about the effect on those who survive. But what causes a nation to commit to such costs? The Flying Heritage Collection in Everett has a new exhibit opening Saturday March 4 titled Why War: The Causes of Conflict.

This exhibit looks at the major conflicts in America’s history in an interactive manner exploring “common causes and roots of military confrontations.” Visitors to the Flying Heritage Collection will get the chance to check out a number of interactive components to the exhibit, including “98-inch touchscreens, rare historical artifacts and full-scaled, detailed replicas.”

To learn more about The Flying Heritage Collection and the Why War exhibit check out the following official online places:


Photos courtesy of The Flying Heritage Collection

The Flying Heritage Collection is located at 3407 109th St. SW in Everett, at the south end of Paine Field.

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