Five More Random Facts

Because I have little time (do not ask how many days it took me to assemble this post) to write a full post I am just going to gather up something I can do in short bursts, so I present to you:

Five More Random Facts About Me (see the first entry here)

1. I pluck my eyebrows. Maybe “pluck” is not the right word. I don’t shape them, just pull out the random hairs that stick out at odd angles. Sometimes one of the hairs in an eyebrow is thicker than others, wiry, and grows out at an angle just odd enough that it is bothersome. It wouldn’t be much of a problem, and I probably wouldn’t even notice, if they didn’t rub up against my glasses.

2. My favorite film of all time is Fantasia. In my opinion it is a fantastic and near perfect culmination of visual and audio wonder.

3. At 49 years of age I still have not broken a bone. I hope to keep it that way. It took until this decade of life to get lice (from my kids) and I hope to never have that happen again, though I expect it may happen at some point in the future with more kids at home still to enter school.

4. My first date was in middle school at the age of 13. I don’t remember her name (and I do feel bad about that), but do remember we held hands. I think we went on one or two dates after that as well, but do not really remember much about her or subsequent dates, but I remember that first one. We went to see the 1980 film Flash Gordon. I have always liked the serials, and while there are some flaws to this film version it still holds a special place in my heart. But only marginally because it was my first date.

Really, it has more to do with the film itself.

And soundtrack.

5. We can see the steeple of our parish church from several rooms in our house. It is a nice byproduct of our location, but that’s not why we moved here. When Laura and I were looking for a house I had a list of three requirements. The first was that a grocery store needed to be within walking distance. The second was the house would have to be close to a major bus line. Finally, our block had to have sidewalks. At time time I worked downtown and did not have a driver’s license. And having lived in places where we didn’t have sidewalks,¬†well, I was done with that.


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