Phamily Foto Phriday 3-31-17

Strap in, this is going to be a big one.

The first seven pictures should have been included with my previous installment. Or at the very least, a “part 2”.

Here are Xavier and Tevye working on a robot.

The annual Boy Scout Italian Dinner was a big success and both Ciaran and August helped out quite a bit.

Here is Tevye peeking around the corner at the orthodontist watching Ciaran get his  braces taken off.

It’s like a whole new world for him.

We also made it out to the aquarium.

Tevye was absolutely thrilled.

Always a great time when we get to go.

Here is Tevye in a fort he built on his own. Alright, so he just stacked all of the cushions in front of the chair, but the point is he did it all himself.

Of course there were dance performances.

And more dance performances.

Dela didn’t mae it to all of the performance.

But she did make it to a few.

Carrots? I love carrots! They’re my favorite!

Another robot?

August has been playing on the 7th grade volleyball team this year. They didn’t do so well, and he thinks it is his fault but really it was a team effort to lose.


Pears? I love pears! They’re my favorite!



Somebody got caught wearing his sister’s slippers.


Sweet potato? I love sweet potatoes! They’re my favorite!


And that’s it. Caught up completely now.

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