Spring Broken

I know it’s been a while since I posted an original post.

Spring Break has not been kind to me.

I should note I have two “vacation” weeks to endure where most people only have one.

How did I get so lucky?

The week before Easter is Spring Break for Seattle Public Schools, which is where Laura is employed. She has that week off – but still worked because she is a teacher.

After Easter? Our children, who go to Catholic school, had the week off while Laura was back at the normal grind.

Where does that leave me?

With as little time as possible. Do you know how long it has taken me to get to *THIS* point in this particular blog post?

Two days.

With Laura home you might think we were having a great time, but really it mostly consisted of her sleeping in which is essentially just her getting up after the kids, maybe walking them to school or staying home with Grace and Tevye while I walked them to school. She would then go in to work and be home in time to pick them up.

This week with her gone and the kids sleeping in it’s been a madhouse.

And I still have two young creatures that are in need of maintaining their nap schedule.

We have not had a trip to the zoo or anything fun during break but there have been some sleepovers and playdates.

Making matters worse for the second week of my Spring Break festival is the fact I have a head cold. Since Monday night I have not been able to sleep well.

Is it terrible that I am looking forward to next week when everybody’s schedule is back to normal? Yes? Too bad.

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