Northwest Trek

Yes, this post is coming months after the fact, but I still want to get it posted, so here it is.

Back in May the Cub Scouts took a trip to Northwest Trek. A couple of requirements for different levels of Cub Scouts involve observing animals and hiking. This outing took care of these, at least for the younger ones – the older Cub Scouts need to go on a longer hike.

Northwest Trek is not your typical zoo. It is divided into three major sections, one houses┬ásome exhibits like a you might find in a zoo, or at least one featuring more modern designs. Then there are the nature trails, but we didn’t need to partake of them as the big loop through the exhibits was big enough for the younger scouts to count as their hike.

The third and perhaps biggest attraction of Northwest Trek is the large tram loop. This is the only way to see many of the animals as they are in a large field simulating their natural environment.

Sure, some of them are by the road, and some of them will be difficult to see if they are not outright hiding.

you never know when and where you will come across an animal on the tram ride.

One of the main attractions is seeing buffalo.

There is other wildlife you can get close to as well.

It was a bit of a drive from Seattle, but well worth it. From where we are just north of the ship canal in Seattle it is an hour and a half. If you go plan on spending a few hours there as you need to get a (free) ticket and wait your turn for the tram ride.

The tram ride itself is just under an hour, not including the time waiting in line to board.

You can pack a lunch (there are a number of picnic tables) or grab some food at the cafe which has a decent selection of options.

Northwest Trek was a great outing for the Cub Scouts, and it makes me wish I had visited the place earlier. I have lived in Washington since 1980 and never been. Until now. And I plan on going back.

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