Camporee 2017

Yes, this is well after the fact, I know, but I still want to post about this, brief though it may be. This year was Ciaran’s first year attending the event, and we took the opportunity to check off a few requirements, such as sleeping in a tent the Cub Scout helped set up, cook a meal outdoors, work on carving items, and more.

Here he is working on his walking stick, waiting for the stove to heat up which in turn will heat up the brands that will be used to “burn” shapes into the wood.

Camporee this year was zombie themed. Attendees were given a multi-purpose scarf slash headwear slash facial cover.

The usual activities were to be had, such as BB guns.

And of course the ever-popular throwing of sharp implements of destruction.

Oh yeah, it’s fun. We spent quite a bit of time on this.

And then we made “camp nachos” for dinner. And they were good. Sure,the cheese wasn’t as melty as one might want on regular nachos, but they still tasted damn good.

Overall it was a good weekend and August was there with the Boy Scouts, so I saw him, but not as much since I was with the Cub Scouts. Ciaran had a good time and got a number of advancement requirements accomplished, so it was a success.


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