Phamily Foto Phriday 9-8-17

Well, that’s been a couple of busy weeks. It started off with Déla’s birthday. For her 12th birthday  she got her  ears pierced. At the mall.

The mall also has Cinnabon.

Right before school started Ciárán was invited to a birthday party at a skate park. He had never been on a skateboard before and was reluctant to try things out but with a bit of coaching he started to figure it out a bit.

And yes, there was that first day of school.

I couldn’t even get in to get a picture of Déla and this was the best one I could of Xavier.

Ciárán was very ready.

Barely managed to get a picture of August heading in.

And somebody is doing very well with his swim lessons.

Then there was PAX where I took several of the kids in different combinations over the course of the weekend.



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