Getting Up And Going

I have mentioned before that I rather dislike exercising, but do it anyway because it needs to be done. I need to exercise for the usual reasons, better cardiovascular health, weight loss, etc. Fine, I do it, but don’t ask me to like it.

Because our schedule is so packed and crazy, the only time I can go is at 5:30 in the morning. Again, I don’t like it but I do it.

This morning I wake up and it’s five after, and I think “Crap. I’m already running late.”

I scramble out of bed, get changed, feed the cats and do all the usual things I do to get ready to go. It’s 20 after, and I usually like to try and leave by 15 after. I walk the distance to the studio, it’s only about three+ blocks. By giving myself fifteen minutes it allows me time not only to walk to the studio, but also get changed into the riding shoes, adjust the bike if necessary and spend a couple of minutes warming up – something that will be more and more important as the weather gets colder and colder.

Yes, even as it rains all winter my plan is to walk to spin class.

So I’m rushing around trying to get out of the house and to spin class when as I’m ready to leave I notice the time.

It is not 5:20 in the morning.

It is 2:20.

So yeah, back to bed.

When I did get up at the proper time I was severely tempted to roll over and stay in bed.

But I didn’t. Yay me.

To say this morning’s workout was hard would be an understatement.


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