Three Things That Have Made Me Laugh Recently

Tevye (age 3) and August (age 14) were having breakfast. They are sitting at the table in a way that I can not see them. I hear some sort of sound, almost like a fart, but it could have been a rumbly  tummy or something else.

I ask “Who was that? You okay?”

Tevye, without missing a beat says “It was Augie.”

He then proceeds to make more farting noises.

Towards the end of spin class the instructor acknowledged that it was a difficult session. He turned the lights low and told us all to take a moment for ourselves and said,”Feel where you are. Literally, not figuratively.”

I knew he meant it the other way around, but his comment brought to mind a classroom full of people on spin bikes feeling themselves up.

Some members of the household have been using “Ciaran” in place of a curse word.

“Shut the Ciaran up”

“What the Ciaran is going on?”

“That’s a Ciarany excuse.”

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