Phamily Foto Phriday 10-6-17

Even though it was a busy week I don’t have a heck of a lot to share for some reason.

Let’s start off with last week’s swim lesson. That’s Ciaran giving Tevye a piggyback ride in the pool before the lessons started.

There was the first grade soccer game – and it was so mismatched that Xavier and a couple of his teammates went and played for the other team.

Then we went on a three mile hike around Discovery Park with the Cub Scouts.

And cross country. Here is Ciaran pouring on some speed at the finish.

For some reason I don’t have Dela. Here’s August coming in at the end.

One day Tevye decided to wear his super hero cape to and from school (but not at school).

For the pack meeting it was “game night” and we brought a few games (Stratego, Simon’s Cat and Exploding Kittens) but Ciaran managed to find a game of chess to jump in on.




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