October 2017 Geek Fuel Unboxing

This month’s box came in last week, and August it might not be the best month’s content, but still is of good quality. Here is the video of him opening it up first.

The shirt is a pretty cool design. Especially if you watched “Stranger Things”. Which we have not.

These magnets were probably the highlight of the box this month.

The horror theme for the pin this month is pretty neat.

Death By Gameshow was the featured game this month.

Another “Stranger Things” item – a car air freshener.

And a third “Stranger Things” item. At least this one is more universal.

The magazine this month had a 3D cover and some of the pages inside were 3D as well. Here is August flipping through it using the included 3D glasses.

If you are a fan of “Stranger Things” this would be a great box. Since we haven’t seen it these items miss the mark a little bit. Still, a quality box.

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