Phamily Foto Phriday 11-10-17

Just a few shots this time around, but I promise they are worth it.

First up we have Xavier in one of the last soccer games of the season. He did really well and has some natural athletic ability. Not sure where that comes from.

Here is Déla and the man behind the song we named her after. I am contemplating how to write this blog post, what with it being a continuation of this one.

Marianne came out for Halloween and the concert. Grace seemed happy to see her.

After school these two have a variation of baseball they try to play in the back yard until I yell at them to get inside and do their homework.

After preschool a puppet show has become a ritual before nap. Yes, he still goes down for nap. Without complaint. Mostly.

Finally, here is Ciaran working on one of his requirements for Cub Scouts.

That’s in for this time.

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