Phamily Foto Phriday 12/1/17

You would think I had more pictures for not having done this post for three weeks.

Here is Grace having climbed into the rocket ship on her own. Yes, we had a rocket in our house for about a week. There was a lot of space travel taking place for a while.
Space travel can take a toll on its travelers. For a while Tevye was determined to sleep on the floor, not in his bed.

Another thing that was a regular occurrence was the post-preschool and pre-nap puppet show that Tevye put on.

Just before Thanksgiving we got a new table. Stephen (who, you may remember, has been here before) built us a table over the last couple of years and it was a challenge getting it in the house. Here is August and Tevye working on screwing in the legs.

Tevye has discovered the joy of board games. At 3 he isn’t able to tackle some of the other family favorites, but we do have a couple of preschool ones that he is being introduced to. It is never too early to learn how to take turns, play well with others, and possible lose.

August helped deliver some furniture to a formerly homeless family that just moved into some housing. We rented the truck and were stuck on the Ballard Bridge waiting for the drawbridge to go down (for a while) here.



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