Music Monday: Versus

I have mentioned before that I do spin classes. I have also mentioned before that I don’t particularly enjoy them. It’s not the instructor’s fault, or any problem with the studio. It really is my own disposition, along with the disagreement my body seems to have with the process.

One of the things that I do enjoy about spin classes are the themed rides.  At times there are “Throwback Thursday” rides, featuring older songs, or perhaps better expressed as mostly songs I recognize. Occasionally there is a theme of pitting two artists against each other, billed as ___ vs. ___. One recent one featured songs by Flo Rida alternating with songs by Pitbull.

Naturally I have some ideas to combine the “Throwback Thursday” and “versus” rides.

How about Huey Lewis & The News vs. Hall & Oats?

I could totally get behind that ride.

More people could probably get behind this next idea – Janet vs. Michael.

How about Taylor vs. Katie? Something could certainly be made of that feud. Alright, so that one isn’t so much a throwback, but it would be fun.

There are plenty more options, but those are a good start.

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