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sep 2014 meMy name is Daniel and I am a father of 6. I share a birthday with “the boy who lived”, though I was born  several years earlier, in 1967. I live in Seattle, and consider myself from here, despite not living here until I was 15 (mom and I moved around every year and a half or so).

Over the years I have been in the Army, a musician, a crossing guard and PTA Vice President, to name but a few things. None of it compares to being a dad. Or chocolate. Don’t make me choose.


sep 2014 kyle


Kyle is the oldest, born in April of 1992. Currently not in college any more he is living again with us and working at Dick’s (a local burger chain). You can read some of his story here.


sep 2014 august



August is next, born in May of 2003. Yes, there’s a big gap. He suffers a bit of brain damage, it’s not bad, but does affect his muscles and coordination a bit. The water is his element, always favoring the aquarium over the zoo. One of the many things he wants to do when he grows up is to study jellyfish.


sep 2014 dela


Déla is the only girl, born in August of 2005. At times we are afraid she will kill us in our sleep, and others when we couldn’t imagine a sweeter girl. I suppose this is “normal” but it’s scary. And she pretty much rules the roost around here by sheer force of will.

sep 2014 ciaran




Ciárán was born July of 2007, and is a very sweet boy, but also a loose canon. We used to joke that August was “all boy” and the problem was Déla was too. Then Ciárán came along and showed us we what “all boy” really was.


sep 2014 xavier


Xavier born in May of 2010 has the most dramatic birth story of them all. He is currently in “Pre-K” and is unphased by his smaller stature in relation to his siblings.


sep 2014 tevye




Finally there’s Tevye. He is our third child born in May. There might be something in the water.


laura thumb



Putting up with all of this is my wife, Laura. if she wants you to know about herself, she’ll tell you. She’s not online and likes it that way.




So why Post Post Modern Dad? I wanted something that reflected a bit of my sensibilities as a father, and as a man in general. Devo, one of my favorite bands of all time, has a song, “Post Post Modern Man” which is both ridiculous and forward thinking (much like all the great Devo songs). I’ve taken, over the years, to describing myself as a “post post modern man” and it’s only natural that I would become a “post post modern dad” or some mutation thereof.

If you’re a forward thinking man, one foot in the past, one foot in the future, and one foot on the accelerator, you too might be a “post post modern man” (and yes, I can count).


I want to thank Devo for the decades of musical vision, as well as the inspiration for the name of the blog (and for not suing me). You could show a little forward thinking about devolution by heading over to http://devo-obsesso.com/ or http://www.clubdevo.com/.


And if you want, you can email me ppmddan at the gmail, dot, com

All photos (except Laura’s) are current as of September 2014.

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