Review Policy

Ever read blogs where the reviews are little more than marketing messages? Reviews where the bulk of the text is a copy and paste job from a press release?

I hate those.

I used to write reviews “professionally” – a gig I had to give up for a number of reasons. I’m still offered material for review, but this new format allows me to review not only what I want and when, but I can be a little less objective. That said, I’ll still be fair.

My reviews are actual reviews, not merely marketing drivel.

4 Responses to Review Policy

  1. MadMup says:

    I’m looking forward to reading your more relaxed reviews. I think having the extra time will help.

    [Please note: this is why some of my reviews took 98 weeks for me to complete. Yeah, that’s the ticket.]

    • Daniel monk Pelfrey says:

      I won’t need to “score” things, moving towards a system I’ve wanted to for a while (buy, rent, skip it, etc.). Now I’m free to review pretty much anything, don’t need to fulfill news obligations, and focus more on the writing.

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