A Morning

This morning I tweeted:

While this may not seem like a big deal, and in the grand scheme of things it really is insignificant, it winds up being a bit of a speed bump on a road that I already don’t like to go down every morning.

coffeeHere’s the deal. Ever since my trip to the hospital for a 2 night stay I have drastically altered my morning routine. First and foremost is cutting back on the amount of coffee I drink. I no longer have a pot (or more) in the mornings. Now I limit myself to 2 cups. Maybe 2 and a half. And this is the real important part – not until after I have eaten.

The thing is, I can’t eat until well after my pill. I’m taking a pill currently to keep my stomach acids from building up. I can’t eat for a while, like 30-45 minutes, after taking the pill. I usually wait an hour just to be safe. I take the pill first thing in the morning when I wake up. By the time the waiting period is over at least some of the kids are up and I need to tend to them. That pushes back my eating and ultimately my coffee intake.

For somebody who has been drinking as much coffee as I have for as long as I have, not getting my coffee right away is a big deal.

Image courtesy of antpkr at FreeDigitalPhotos.netSo I wait and I have something to eat in the morning. I used to mostly skip breakfast, but now I have to eat something. Fine. Only thing is, what I like for breakfast isn’t exactly the kind of stuff I can eat every day, as well as taking time to prepare which I don’t have. Instead I usually have a couple of pieces of toast or some oatmeal. I don’t like oatmeal. My solution to make it more palatable is to put some raisins in there.

My line of thinking is if I have to wait to eat in order to have my coffee at least I would like to partially enjoy what I have to eat in order to make the excruciating wait for coffee if not bearable at least manageable. Look, it’s not a big deal, but whoever is in charge of the grocery shopping could at least have a little consideration to my need.

Oh, wait, I’m the one who does the grocery shopping.


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