This picture is of my treadmill, and it is broken.

No, it wasn’t a recent thing, either, but it has been broken for well over a year.

And yet I still could not part with it.

The belt tread is frayed and splitting. It needs to be replaced. The amount of money I would spend on repairing the treadmill would be more than I spent on it.

Oh yeah, I got that treadmill used. Not about to spend several thousands of dollars on something like that.

I was reluctant to let go because I know I need to work out more, get in better shape, lose weight. Having the treadmill here makes it convenient. I would walk for a while during Tevye’s nap time and watch something on the television or catch up on some reading.

Having it in our bedroom meant I might use it, hopefully soon. The reality was I wasn’t going to be using it at all because it needed repair, only I was too stubborn to let go.

Kyle came over for a few hours the other day. Naturally it was time to move the treadmill.

The two of us grunted and groaned our way down the hall with the machine, then Laura and Kyle held the top part while I held the bottom as we navigated it down the stairs. Then it was getting it through the rest of the house and into the backyard.

I am sad to see it go. I want to have a treadmill so I can … actually what I want is one of those desks with a treadmill, but even more than that is I want theĀ time to use one.

Alright, letting this one go.

The good news is there is a spin cycle studio opening up next week a couple of blocks from our house. I’ll let you know how that goes.


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